Lycée Albert Schweitzer, 13 octobre 2016.

Reporter du jour : Nathan Dahy

‘’On Thursday, October 13th we had a conference at the library. The cultural attaché of the Strasbourg United States Embassy and the responsible of the association Alsace-USA came to talk to us about various subjects concerning the American elections.
The cultural attaché presented the US elections to us with a powerpoint.
- The main elements of the presentation were :
- Former USA Presidents.
- The different kinds of power in the USA government : legislative, executive, justice.
- The different parties : Republicans and Democrats but also Ecologist, Libertarian and Constitutionals.
- The race to the White House. The requirements you must have to be able to be president : personal requirement, party primaries and caucuses and general elections operations.

The responsible of the association presented an association to us. Strengthening the ties of friendship between the United States and France is the main goal of this association.
He presented many activities they do to reach this goal:hospitality for American students in Alsace, conferences about this subject, discovering American culture ( doing the same activities, sports, festive periods), following the USA actually.
- He shared with us the possibility to belong to this association. He told us that travelling to the USA through this association is a possibility.

We warmly thank these two representatives for coming to our school and informing us, and also for offering us these opportunities’’.

For the LAS Community, Nathan Dahy